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Early on I started to play instruments. I played drums, guitar, piano, bass and started to sing. Well, more or less. At some point I discovered the shouting for me. From the beginning I always had great interest in equipment and sound engineering. One day we went to the recording studio with my first band. I did not like the result at all and decided to just record it myself. That's how I started to make my first sound recordings and quickly dealt with multitrack recordings.

Without knowing what it meant, I plunged into the first album production with a band from my circle of friends.

I started to take over the role of the manager. My responsibilities ranged from planning rehearsals to booking concerts and tour management. At some point, I started to organize smaller cabaret/music festivals.

I've been able to keep training my skills, working with many bands from different genres and venues. Over the years I've build a Europe-wide network of musicians, promoters and other people who participate in the music business.
In order to bring my knowledge of music production and management to the industry standard and beyond, I attended the University of West London and completed my studies with the title Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology.

My goal is to get the best possible result from the projects in cooperation with the customer. A fair and friendly relationship is always the right way to create great things together. There are no problems that can not be solved and nobody can win alone.

Feel free to contact me to discuss future projects.


Paul Philipp Nikolaus Boos



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